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Rangemaster Traditional

A traditional-style range cooker is an essential component in any period home, forming a central attraction at the very heart of the kitchen. Perfect for creating an authentic, homely look, Rangemasters traditional range cookers exude classic charm and have long been coveted for their distinctive styling.

Elan 110
Duel Fuel/Natural Gas/Electric
The Elans classic good looks are enhanced by attractive spiral handles, stylish control knobs and generous curvaceous doors. The gas hob comprises a triple ring wok burner at either end of a single piece hotplate, with four burners in the centre, giving a good mix of burner power and the space to use them.

Elan 90
Duel Fuel/Natural Gas/Electric
The slimmer version of the flagship Elan 110 is likely to create immediate interest, if you're looking for traditional style in a more convienient size. Like the Elan 110, the Elan 90 boasts spiral handles and curved doors, multifunction oven and seperate electric fan oven. It also features a five burner hotplate and a thermodial on the door of the electric oven.

Classic Deluxe 110
Duel Fuel/Natural Gas/Electric
The Classic Deluxe comes with seven burners including a triple ring wok burner and ceramic multi zone. The seperate grill has been upgraded to incorporate a smooth action glide out grill. There are also two spacious ovens. The multifunction oven offers eight different settings including Rapid Response, a heat function, which will bring your oven to the required temprature up to 30 percent faster than a traditional fanned cook setting.

Classic Deluxe 90
Duel Fuel/Natural Gas/Electric
The Classic Deluxe 90 comes with five burners in four sizes. including a triple wok burner. The seperate grill incorporates the new smooth action glide out grill, to make tending your dishes far easier and secure. There are two ovens, the left hand multifunction oven offers eight different settings including Rapid Response.

Classic 110
Duel Fuel/Natural Gas/LPG/Electric
If you like the freedom of being able to start and finish cooking a dish while you are out, you'll appreciate this range cookers two spacious programmable ovens. There's also a separate grill, high powered wok burner, warming zone and storage drawer. The Cassic 110 also complete with a host of Rangemaster extras.

Classic 90
Duel Fuel/Natural Gas/LPG/Electric
Rangemaster was the first manufacturer to offer two ovens, including a tall electric fan oven and a seperate grill in a slimline 90cm wide cooker. As a result, the Classic 90 is amazingly adaptable, while sharing many of the big cooker features of the Classic 110. The unique tall oven is an electric fan oven on all fuel options

Kitchener 110
Duel Fuel/Natural Gas/Electric
The original Kitchener was launched in 1830 by Rangemaster's founding family. Sidney Flavel's Kitchener proved an instant success and graced the kitchens of royalty throughout the world. The modern Kitchener exudes style, incorporating a host of useful features, including a seperate grill compartment, attractive door furniture and a six burner hotplate.
Kitchener 90
Duel Fuel/Natural Gas/Electric
The Kitchener 90 is available as dual fuel natural gas or all electric with an attractive ceramic hob. With two spacious ovens holding a total capacity of 120 litres and a separate grill, ther is plenty of room to cook for all the family. The dual fuel model has a five burner hotplate with four sizes and a heavy duty matt black cast-iron pan supports.

Natural Gas/LPG/Electric or dual fuel natural gas
If worktop space is in short supply, look no further than our best ever selling range cooker, the 110. The smooth action safety glass lid provides a flush appearence when the hob is not in use. The 110 is available in a number of fuel options, including an elegant ceramic hob with five cooking zones and a large warming area.

Natural Gas/Electric or dual fuel natural gas
The Rangemaster 90 incorporates many of the benefits of the popular 110 range cooker, but with the added advantage of fitting into a small space. With Rangemaster's unique configuration of two spacious ovens, including a tall electric fan oven and seperate grill compartment, it is large enough to cook a complete family meal. The tall oven is an electric fan oven on all fuel types.


Rangemaster Contemporary

Clean lines and modern materials create the perfect synergy in a contemporary kitchen. Balancing design and functionality, Rangemaster's modern range cookers guarentee culinary perfection everytime.

Freestyle Toledo
Oven available as electric, Hob available as natural gas
For those who love the simplicity of built in products, the Freestyle Toledo combines the functionality of a range cooker with the clean lines and modern looks of a built in appliance. Freestyle also offers the added benefit of being able to place the range-style hob in a different area of the kitchen to the ovens, if preferred.

Elite SE 110
Dual fuel/Natural Gas
The range master Elite has been hailed as the most contemporary, design-led range cooker in the marketplace. Add a more flamboyant design to the already feature-filled range cooker, and you get the stunning Elite SE. The Elite SE features a six burner gas hob with single handed ignition, two electric ovens- one fan, one multifunction.

Excel 110
Dual fuel natural gas or Electric
The Excel is the first ot the range cookers to offer double oven cooking, with the flexability of a separate grill and dedicated slow cook oven. Thermostatically controlled, this additional feature is ideal for hearty casseroles or simply warming plates. The contemporary styling extends to the attractive controls and long chrome handles across the top two compartments, creating an eye catching towl rail. It has also been awarded the prestigiuos Good Housekeeping seal of approval!

Toledo 110
Natural gas/Dual fuel natural gas/ Electric
A black enamel hob, contemporary handles and ergonomically designed control knobs give the Toledo cookers an imposing stylish look. The gas hob models include two ovens, a triple ring burner for use with a wok, a wok cradle and a half ribbed, half smooth griddle as well as separate grill compartment.

Toledo 90
Natural gas/Dual fuel natural gas/ Electric
For all its compact proportions, the Toledo 90 creates just as much impact as its wider counterpart. It offers Rangemaster's unique configuration of two ovens, including the tall electric fan oven and a separate grill compartment. Many of the features that are included on the 110 model are standard on the 90. The tall oven is an electric fan oven on all fuel options.

Professional+ 110
Natural gas/Dual fuel natural gas/ Electric
Love to be cooked for? The new Professional+ from Rangemaster offers an expert hand to help you create a culinary masterpiece. With a wealth of features, including two spacious ovens and a seperate grill compartment with the new glide out grill system, the Professional+ delivers performance to match its looks. Available in brushed stainless steel with matt cast-iron pan supports.

Professional+ 90
Natural gas/Dual fuel natural gas/ Electric
The 90cm version of the Professional+ includes double oven cooking with a large main oven and tall electric fan oven. There are four burners in three sizes plus a triple ring wok burner and powerful grill.
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